Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Cutter

The Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Guillotine Cutter from Formax automatically cuts documents up to 3.15″ high and 20.5″ wide. With its user-friendly controls, it has the capability to program up to 100 different jobs, perfect for businesses that send out a variety of finished documents. With the use of the LED Cutting Line, you can see exactly where the Cut-True 29A will slice and make accurate cuts up to 1/10th of a millimeter.

Built-in safety features, including a lock and key, blade lock, blade depth adjustment, automatic blade return, and easy-to-use blade change safety tool, make the Cut-True 29A Cutter accessible to many users. The Cut-True 29A is suited for printshops that are creating brochures, invitations, and many more types of printouts and mailers.



Specifications – Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Cutter

For more information on the Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Cutter, read the brochure.

Cutting Action: Dual-button electric
Maximum Cutting Width: 20.5” (520mm)
Maximum Paper Stack Height: 3.15” (80mm)
Programmable Jobs: Up to 100 programs with up to 100 steps each
Touchscreen Features: Program jobs, alternate between inches/mm, paper eject function, programming via cutting, business card cutting mode
Length Behind Blade: 20.5” (520mm)
Length in Front of Blade: 18.25” (464mm)
Minimum Cut w/False Clamp: 1.6” (40mm)
Minimum Cut w/o False Clamp: .98” (25mm)
Table Size: 30.75” W x 15.75” D ( 781 x 400mm) 56” W x 15.75” D (1422 x 400mm) w/optional wide side tables
Clamp Style: Automatic, electronically adjustable
Back Gauge Adjustment: Fully programmable using touchscreen, accurate to 0.1mm
Blade Change Safety Tool: Included

Dimensions w/optional side tables:

49.25” H x 31” W x 53.25” D (1250mm H x 788mm W x 1352mm D)

49.25” H x 61” W x 53.25” D (1250mm H x 1549mm W x 1352mm D)

Weight: 683 lbs. (310kg)
Power Supply: 220V, 60Hz, 20A dedicated line, NEMA 6-20P