Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener

The Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener can open up to 300 envelopes per minute and can even open different sizes of mail at once. Whether it’s your standard #10 envelope or a flat, the FD 452 has no issue handling mixed-sized envelopes. Both quick to start and easy to set up, the FD 452 allows users to open their mail without the risk of damaging the contents inside. User-friendly features such as the Push Arm and the LCD counter allow users to automatically feed pieces of mail and count the quantity that passes through the machine.


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Specifications – Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener

For more information on the FD 452 Envelope Opener, read the brochure.

Speed: Up to 300 envelopes per minute
Envelope Sizes: 5.5” – 13” H x 3.5” – 10.2” W
Envelope Thickness: Up to 4 mm
Catch Tray Capacity: Up to 80 #10 envelopes
Dimensions: 33” L x 15” W x 9” H (includes catch tray)
Weight: 18 lbs.
Power: 115 volts AC 50/60 Hz