Formax Mint 210 Series Mailing System

The Mint 210 Mailing System from Formax is a cost-effective and smart solution for businesses with medium volumes of mail. Processing up to 110 envelopes per minute, the Mint 210 can handle pieces of mail up to 1/2″ thick. The Mint 210 Mailing System complies with USPS mailing and shipping requirements while allowing your business to save money First Class, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express classes of mail with discounted rates.

The Mint 210 Series Mailing System has two models, the 210S and the 210A rated to process 75 envelopes per minute and 110 envelopes per minute, respectively. Additionally, the 210S is a semi-automatic hand feeder while the 210A is an automatic feeder. 



Specifications – Formax Mint 210 Series Mailing System

For more information on the Mint 210 Series Mailing System, read the brochure.

USPS based IMI meter: Standard, Intelligent Mail Indicia
Envelope Feeding Method: Mint 210S: semi-automatic hand feed

Mint 210A: automatic feed

Processing Speed: Mint 210S: up to 75 letters per minute

Mint 210A: up to 110 letters per minute

Weighing Platform: 5 lb
On-screen DIM Calculations: Standard
Accounts/Departments: 100 standard
Envelope Dimensions: Min: 3.5” x 5”

Max: 10” x 13”

Maximum Envelope Thickness: Up to 1/2”
Envelope Feed Orientation: Landscape or portrait
Connectivity: LAN
Job Imprint Memory: Up to 9 jobs
Shortcut Keys: 6
Ad Slogans: Standard
Low Ink E-mail Alerts: Standard
Automatic Rate Download: Standard
Postage Meter Tapes: Standard size, integrated automatic dispenser
4-digit PIN code: Standard
Dimensions: Mint 210S: 33” L x 15” D x 12” H; with catch tray

Mint 210A: 47” L x 15” D x 12”H, with catch tray