Formax V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker

The V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker from Formax works with other Formax equipment to vertically stack up to 22 inches of folded documents. By working in conjunction with either pressure sealers or tabletop folders, the V-Stack36i utilizes a six-ball roller deck and two guide wheels to ensure documents are transferred properly between machines. The machine also has an LED lamp which turns on when the stacker is nearing its full capacity.

The V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker also has a height adjustable stand that is optional when using tabletop folders and pressure sealers, but required for use with production pressure sealers.



Specifications – Formax V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker

For more information on the V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker, read the brochure.

Speed:Variable, depending on input machine
Capacity:Up to 22” of folded documents, approx. 1,500 sheets
Dimensions:16” H x 37.25” W x 14.5” D
Folded Form Dimensions:Up to 7” H x 12” W
Height with Adjustable Stand:41.5 to 45.5” (floor to top of stacker)30” to 34” (floor to infeed deck)
Weight:73 lbs (122 lbs with stand)
Power:110V, 50/60 Hz