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Meet Ms. Mary Hall, Our Offix Customer of the Month, the well-oiled machine and office manager of Warrenton Presbyterian  for 9 years running, and a loyal customer to Offix for 10 years! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Hall yesterday and really get to know her and the mission behind WPC.  Right off the bat, she was warm and inviting, as she kindly gave me the grand WPC tour, including Warrenton Presbyterian SchoolWarrenton Presbyterian School (WPS) is a nonprofit outreach program of Warrenton Presbyterian Church and is an extension of the church’s ministry to the community. WPS serves children 2 – 5 years of age and offers 2, 3 and 4-day morning preschool classes.

As we walked the halls of the church, Ms. Hall shared with me that she is a native to Warrenton, VA and has 3 adoring children. She has been an active member at Warrenton Pres since 2003. Faith and family are the two things that she holds most dear. When I asked her what she liked most about working at Warrenton Presbyterian, she simply stated, “It’s the people.” WPC focuses their efforts on investing in people both within their church community and outside of the church. She exclaimed that WPC is a servant community church. Their Mission statement:

“WPC is a gathered community of people in action who eagerly share the love, grace, and peace of Christ with humility and thanksgiving.”

This holds true in the many outreach programs they facilitate throughout the church community.

I asked Ms. Hall to elaborate further on the outreach programs at WPC, and I can fully say they are true to their mission statement. They are heavily involved with Habitat for HumanityThe Haven Homeless Shelter, and The Community Food Bank. Their community garden, located behind the church grounds, provides fresh produce that they give to the local homeless shelter and the community food bank. Every first Sunday of each month the WPC community gathers to collect non-perishable food items to donate as well. They also help people with benevolences. The WPC family is there to aid assistance to those who need it.

Local and world missions is another focus. They send a team to Baja Mexico every year to build homes. This past year alone, they built 6 homes. That is astounding!!! A bit closer to home, they take a team to West Virginia each year to do full home renovations. Completely gutting homes and making them like new while Mary and other women in the church cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for the crew and the families of the homes they are renovating.

WPC doors are open to the community and the many community groups that meet in the fellowship hall from Boy/Girl scout groups, AA, Al- Anon, and many more. This church is truly defined by their outreach.

We had a few extra moments to discuss her 10-year customer loyalty with Offix. I asked her what has been her favorite thing about working with us over the past ten years?  She was quick to say, “I never go down. The rare times I’ve had my machine go down I have had Jeronimo out here in the blink of an eye to fix any issue. Your response time is truly AMAZING!” She even chuckled stating

that she LOVES our canon products.

My time with Mary revealed there are many similarities between the Offix family and the WPC Family. The biggest takeaway, Offix shares many of the same principles and values about taking care of people within our work culture, our customers, and our community. Having moments to get to know our customers and understand their stories is quite a privilege. That is what makes our relationships with our customers so special. “The Offix Experience” is all about getting to know our customers on a deeper level and learning something from them in the process.


For those who want to keep up with WPC news & events.

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Facebook: Warrenton Presbyterian Church

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Contact: Asheton Rose Graham

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Phone Number: 1 (703) 530-1200