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Solutions for Real Estate, Title, & Mortgage Industries

In addition to their daily challenges, Real Estate, Title, and Mortgage professionals have to deal with a variety of unique issues including managing privacy and security concerns, stringent regulations, balancing the use of modern technology with traditional methods, and spreading their resources thinly (sometimes too thinly). While the critical skills of these professionals are invaluable, at OFFIX, we know how to support your staff, making their jobs easier, reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies.

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How to Save 20% on Office Equipment (Or Get $100)

Offix is passionate about saving your business time and money. We are so dedicated to helping your business, that if we can’t prove to you that we can save you at least 20% or more than what you currently spend on document and print management, we will give you $100 just for your time and attention. It’s impossible to lose when taking the Offix Challenge, take it today!


Don’t currently have a copier lease? If you have an older machine that needs to be replaced, we can still buyback your equipment. By switching to Offix, we can give you up to $2,500 cashback on your next copier when you switch from a qualifying machine. 

Document Management for Real Estate, Title & Mortgage Companies

Scanning and Printing for Real Estate, Title, & Mortgage

In your industry’s quick-paced business environment, it is essential for your equipment to work as well as you do. Using copiers and printers from Offix means that your business is getting the most cost-effective equipment to print, copy, send, and store high-resolution documents. Offix offers a broad range of industry-leading copiers and printers from brands such as Canon and HP. Combining these award-winning machines with our award-winning service ensures that your business will become the most efficient it can possibly be. Contact Offix today and allow one of our dedicated consultants to assess your needs and help you find the right equipment for your business.

Maintenance Assistance Available 7 Days a Week

Your business works tirelessly to meet deadlines and triple-check your work, so why shouldn’t your office equipment work just as hard? With our Offix Service Smart® Guarantees, you are guaranteed a machine uptime of 95% and a response time as low as 2 hours, ensuring that your business continues to perform, even when your equipment doesn’t. What’s more, we also provide remote monitoring for your copiers and/or MFPs, which can warn us of possible problems with your machine before you even realize it. To save you even more time, we can detect when your consumables (like ink and toner) are running low and send you replacement cartridges before you run out.

Streamlined Document Filing, Storage, and Search

Did you know that on average it takes people in your profession 15-18 minutes to locate a single document or file? Offix offers software solutions like uniFLOW and PaperCut to help you regain control of your document management and retrieval. These software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with our copiers and printers as a comprehensive and secure way to enhance your current work processes.

Efficient and Cost-effective Mailing

Besides mailing invoices and information, many of the best mortgage, title, and real estate companies use direct mail to keep in touch with clients. Depending on your mail volume, these activities can be time-consuming and costly to agencies; however, we have two mailing solutions to help you save time and money: postage meters and folder inserters. Postage meters not only save you time on trips to the post office but can also save you 10% on each letter you mail through preloaded postage. Additionally, folder inserters allow you to fold your letters and insert them into envelopes more than 20 times faster than a pair of human hands, folding up to 4,300 letters per hour.

Digital Signage as Office Displays

An often underused piece of equipment for those involved in the property industry is digital signage. With digital signage, businesses like yours can advertise your business and create attractive displays for customers or outside your office. Display windows, reception areas, and offices are perfect for digital signage that can uniquely display listings, virtual tours, recent sales, agency benefits, and communicate information to employees in an attractive manner that clients and passersby are bound to take notice of.

VoIP (Voice Over IP) Solutions

With more people working out of the office than ever before, it makes sense for real estate, title, and mortgage companies to take their businesses to the next level with VoIP business systems such as TELEcloud (powered by RingByName). Whether you are in the office, working from home, or out in the field when you use VoIP your calls can reach you anywhere you go. Customize your communication at the touch of a button, whether that’s being reached at a singular number or forwarding calls to a coworker when you’re busy or unavailable. Because it uses an internet connection instead of a typical phone connection, VoIP lines for your business are actually cheaper per person, have a much lower cost of maintenance, and have virtually no installation costs!