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Radical Changes to Your Business That Are Possible in 2021

Before the COVID-19 pandemic caused major interruptions, many businesses were run in very similar ways and new ways of working were very uncommon. Now, there are plenty of radical changes that are easier to implement and more widespread.

Use AI to Do More Work

Artificial intelligence is a tool that many businesses have adopted. You can use AI in a variety of ways to make your business more efficient and to make your job easier. Automation is one of the most common uses of AI. Through automation, daily, mundane tasks can be taken care of while freeing up your time to work on more pressing tasks. AI can also be used to engage with your customers and even employees. It is commonly used on websites to help with customer service. Using an AI chatbot gives customers quick responses and solutions to their problems. Lastly, you can use AI for machine learning tasks. For example, AI can analyze your customers’ habits and predict purchases they are likely to make. 

Get Rid of Your Office

One thing that this last year has proved is that you don’t necessarily need an office to run a business. Many people switched to working remotely and they were able to do their jobs just fine. In fact, some people found that they worked more efficiently from their own workspaces. In order to have a business that functions without a physical office, you need to make use of certain technologies. Small businesses need various IT services, including VOIP solutions, to function best. VOIP is any technology that allows you to communicate through voice or video via the internet. Examples include most video call services. Using VOIP and other similar technologies allows you and your team to communicate effectively no matter where you all are. 

Use Contactless Technologies

For the sake of everyone’s health, a lot of businesses have embraced contactless technologies. However, these technologies are actually very convenient and can portray your business positively. Contactless solutions show that you care about the health and comfort of your customers, but it also shows that you are embracing change. Doing things virtually often makes things easier for your customers. They can be more self-sufficient and in control. This can also take some of the responsibility off your back. Overall, it makes things better for everyone. 

There are a lot of changes that have come about over the last year and beyond. While many of these changes were necessary for a time, they have proven to still be practical moving forward. Consider what radical changes you can make at your business.

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