Rent or Lease Postage Meters

rent or lease postage meters

Save Money on a Postage Meter with Offix

Whether you decide to rent or lease postage meters, Offix will give you the flexibility to choose the product that best fits your needs, allowing you to save time and money. What’s even better, is that the United States Post Office extends a 10% discount on all postage purchased through a postage machine like the FP Mailing Solutions PostBase series.

Browse FP Postage Meters to Rent or Lease

Choose the model of postage meter that fits your needs and budget: from a simple, stamp-only meter to a fully-automated machine that’s able to process hundreds of letters, sealing, stamping, and stacking them all on its own. We offer the best options for postage meters in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

With rental prices starting at $14.95 a month for the PostBase Mini, it’s the most affordable and sensible decision you can make for your business. Click here to get more information or to get started on a PostBase Mini rental.

Free Postage Meter Quote and Demo

Read Here, Before You Choose a Competitor’s Postage Meter!

If you currently use or are thinking about using a Pitney Bowes or Neopost, make sure you call Offix, first. As the largest authorized dealer of FP Mailing Solutions in Virginia, we guarantee in-person consultancy and unlimited training on all of our postage meters. We also guarantee our pricing for the duration of your lease. Can your current vendor do the same?

Additionally, FP Mailing Solution postage meters can be programmed to add a personal message from your business, next to every postal indicia printed on the envelope.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time in line at the post office and money on old-fashioned peel-and-stick stamps: save that trip out of the office to visit a client or customer, and save 10% on every letter you mail.

Customized Office and Mailing Solutions

Offix proudly serves business communities across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Whether you’re a small business that needs help adding postage for billing or a large business needing help preparing bulk mailings, Offix can provide your organization with a customized solution for office and mailing equipment, including postage meters. Offix is your one-stop shop for postage meter rentals and leases.