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12 Shocking Statistics About Printing Cost (And How to Save Money)

There is one thing you can be sure, whenever you walk into a business: no matter the size of the business, the industry in which it operates, the age or the products or services they offer, every business puts ink on paper. What you may not know is how high the hidden cost of printing for the average business is, and where these costs are coming from. But don’t worry: there’s always an answer that can save you money.

Here are 12 shocking statistics about printing cost for the average business:

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    1. The average employee printing habits cost a company $725 per year per employee!

      Think about it: if your company has 150 employees, printing costs account for $108,750, when Canon and Offix offer document management software like uniFLOW, a free version of which is available with every multifunction printer and copier.

    2. On average, an employee will print 34 pages a day, 17% of these pages go completely unused!

      Print management software can easily identify these pockets of inefficiency, reduce wasteful print and put money back into your business; a well-thought managed print services plan will go a long way toward reducing those costs but requires careful analysis and knowledgeable consultation (if you’re asking yourself “What are Managed Print Services?”, see here).

    3. Full-time employees, on average, may spend 20+ minutes looking for a document!

      Setting up company-wide document storage and naming policy can go a long way toward reducing this time cost; document management systems.

    4. Sixty-five percent of documents get thrown away or recycled the same day they are printed!

      Think about the cost of printed material that is never picked up from a copier, and what proximity printing devices can do to reduce that waste.

    5. 90% of companies do not track their printing cost according to Buyer’s Lab!

      Making print inefficiencies and related labor, consumable and vendor costs a hidden drain on budgets.

    6. Among those companies that account for printing expenses through estimates, these guesses may underestimate printing costs by as much as 40 percent.

    7. Broken or nonexistent document management processes can cost companies serious money in lost revenues, lawsuits, reputation, and waste!

      Three out of four businesses surveyed experienced serious risk and/or compliance issues as a result of this: know what regulations and compliance mandates your business is responsible for and create a policy that ensures adherence to those regulations.

    8. Document-related costs account for 5 to 15% of all business costs; minimizing these expenses through managed print solutions can return an important chunk of revenues to your business.

    9. Speaking of print-related cost, printing may cost up to three percent of annual revenue and be the third highest expense after payroll and rent.

    10. IT departments spend an average of 15% of their time on printing issues!

      This is a cost that’s easily avoided by partnering with a local dealer like Offix, offering 2-hour response time on issues and the best copier maintenance package in the Washington DC area, including basic plans and packages that are inclusive of all supplies and consumables, taking the guesswork out of printing issues, and giving IT their valuable time back.

    11. Twenty-three percent of help-desk calls are printer-related and take up 15 percent of the help desk’s time!

      Unlimited assistance and preventive maintenance through an Offix maintenance plan means no more resource drain on your help-desk.

    12. Supplier agreements can cut operating costs up to 30% by providing reliable access to knowledgeable technical staff who can troubleshoot issues, offer preventive maintenance, and avoid costly, unplanned downtime on your printing equipment!

      With technology like FM Audit and Canon’s imageWARE Remote, we are able to monitor your equipment remotely, receiving ongoing vitals and alerts directly from the equipment; this allows us to predict when maintenance is needed before you even know something’s wrong, preventing costly downtime.

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