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Whether your law practice is a one-man team, a mid-range firm employing a few lawyers and paralegals, or a large law firm with multiple locations and a staff of hundreds, Offix understands that the needs of law firms are unlike any other.

Scanning and Printing for Modern Law Firms

More and more court systems are now allowing, if not requiring, to e-file motions and other documents, making it imperative to have a system that reliably and accurately scans documents of different sizes. Let an Offix consultant guide you to the ideal multifunction printer choice for your law firm.

Cost Recovery and Compliance

Accurate and complete cost recovery translates into complete transparency with your firm’s clients, which adds to their confidence in your services, and in added profitability for your firm, through the assurance that you have no hidden costs or unchecked inefficiencies. Offix can provide tools and solutions that are right-sized for your law firm and scalable, as your practice grows. Easily and quickly allocate print, copy, scan and fax costs to the right cost center, client or even case!

Secured Document Filing, Storage, and Search

Your firm probably has processes in place to ensure that only specific staff members have access to certain documents. Any procedure in the world is only as good as a system’s ability to limit access to unauthorized users. Offix offers solutions developed specifically for high-security needs, designed to work with your current permission policies.

Did you know that the average professional spends 18 minutes locating a document? Imagine what your paralegal or legal secretarial staff could do with that time. Through solutions like uniFLOW or PaperCut, Offix will show you how to regain control of your document management and retrieval, and give you the piece of mind that it’s securely and safely stored.

Maintenance Accessible 7 Days a Week

Depositions, hearings and other deadlines do not stop just because your copier, printer or scanner stopped working. Make sure you choose a maintenance partner that guarantees technical assistance when you need it, no matter what day of the week it is, or your money back.