Solutions for Real Estate

Solutions for Real Estate

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At Offix, we understand that whether you are an individual realtor, or part of an agency, it is a necessity to streamline your document technology as much as possible to get the most out of your equipment.

Right Sizing Your Equipment

In today’s quick paced business environment, it is imperative for your printer to be able to work as hard and fast as you do. At the same time, your office equipment should be stalwart, accommodating all your needs without going overboard. Allow an Offix consultant to assist you in finding the “right size” for your future multifunction printer and maintenance, assuring that you are getting the best service and equipment according to your requirements and budget.

Scanning and Printing for Modern Realtors

After the passing of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, an increasing number of realtors have been e-filing Purchase Agreements among other documents, making it crucial to have a system that scans documents of varying sizes both reliable and accurately. Allow an Offix consultant to guide you towards the ideal multifunction printer for all your real estate needs.

Streamlined Document Filing, Storage, and Search

Did you know that on average it takes real estate agents 15-18 minutes to locate a single document or file? Imagine the number of clients you could gain with the additional time saved from a streamlined document management system. Through solutions such as uniFLOW or PaperCut, Offix can provide you the tools to reclaim control of your document management and retrieval, giving you the satisfaction that your work is safe and secure.

Reducing Costs through Print Cost Audit

On average, real estate agencies will spend 15% of their overall expenses on print-related costs. Do you know how much your agency really spends on print-related expenses? Allow Offix to perform a Print Cost Audit and determine the true cost of printing for your agency and identify inefficiencies that secretly affect your bottom line. Wondering how much you could save your agency? See if you are qualified for a FREE Print Cost Audit (a $900 value)!

Efficient and Cost-effective Mailing

One of the biggest tools realtors use to keep in touch with clients and to maintain market presence is direct mail. Depending on the volume of mail sent out, this activity can be time consuming and costly to agencies. At Offix, we have two mailing solutions for real estate: postage meters and folders/inserters. By preloading credit onto a machine, postage meters immediately start saving you time in trips to the post office and 10% on every letter you mail. Additionally, a folder/inserter can feed, fold, insert, and seal 10 times faster than human hands can, finishing up to 1,350 letters per hour.

Digital Signage for Real Estate

Realtors often overlook digital signage as a form of advertisement. Display windows, reception areas, and offices are perfect for digital signage that can uniquely display listings, virtual tours, recent sales, and agency benefits in an attractive manner that clients and passersby are bound to take notice of.

Maintenance Assistance Available 7 Days a Week

Between tours, closings, and other obligations, real estate agents can work every day of the week, so why shouldn’t your office equipment? Offix guarantees technical support and maintenance every day of the week so you can keep your business running, or your money back.