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Document Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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Few other industries are subject to stricter regulations and requirements than the healthcare industry. This is no different when it comes to document solutions, including production, storage and management.

From small medical practices and clinics, to large hospitals and Level I trauma centers, regulations like HIPAA, HiTECH, and “Chain of Custody” provide for a spectrum of mandatory requirements that affect how the health care industry approaches document production, retention and management. Offix’s document solutions for the healthcare industry are designed to ensure compliance with statutory requirements in this space, while dramatically increasing efficiencies and savings.

Secure and Confidential Printing

Nowhere are the right document solutions for the healthcare industry more important than in printing processes. Confidentiality goes beyond State and federal regulations. You simply want to make sure that the documents you’re printing are accessible only to those who are allowed to see them. Through CAC systems and software like UniFLOW, your healthcare practice is in complete control: choose who can print and where, allow secured release of documents based on pre-configured authorizations, and let your staff print where they want, through software that follows the user.

Cost Reductions Through Print Cost Audit

Do you know how much your healthcare practice really spends on print-related expenses? On average, a business entity will spend 15% of its overall expenses in print-related costs. What’s worse, in most cases there is no tracking system available, so most of the cost is hidden. Through our Print Cost Audit, Offix can track your true print costs and identify inefficiencies that can hit your bottom line without your knowledge.

Our system will propose changes to your current setup, showing precise savings you can expect by implementing simple modifications. Curious about how much you could save? See if you qualify for a FREE Print Cost Audit (a $900 value)!

Digital Patient Records

Digitization of patient information isn’t just a way to benefit your healthcare practice: it’s the law. The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) mandates specific requirements designed to protect patients’ information, providing for civil and criminal penalties for violations. The law applies to hospitals and medical practices, but also to other healthcare practices like dental offices, pharmacies, chiropractors, nursing homes, mental health clinics and offices. Its application reaches business associates like third-party administrators, pharmacy benefit managers for health plans, billing and transcription companies and professionals performing legal, accounting, or administrative work.


Is your equipment HIPAA-compliant? Do you have a process to digitize patient records? As importantly, is your hardware and software capable of securely and efficiently managing digital records? Offix can help. Make sure you contact us today for a free review of your systems.

HIPAA-Compliant Mailing

Often an overlooked issue, HIPAA also mandates that the mail you send, including medical records and bills, satisfy confidentiality requirements. If you’re wondering how you can make sure that your mailing equipment satisfy HIPAA requirements, the test is easy: look at it and make sure the labels says “FP Mailing Solutions”. FP is the only manufacturer of HIPAA-compliant mailing equipment: the Post-Base series from FP Mailing Solutions and its software will not only alert you when an envelope is improperly sealed, but it will allow you to identify which envelopes are affected, allowing you to reprocess that correspondence.

Don’t have an FP Mailing Solutions mailing machine? Don’t worry: we’re here to help. Just give us a call today.

Maintenance Accessible 7 Days a Week

If there’s one thing that you can count on, is that healthcare never sleeps. If people need your service 7 days a week, often around the clock, you want to make sure that your technology maintenance partner partner works as hard as you do.  At Offix, we guarantees technical assistance when you need it, no matter what day of the week it is, or your money back.

Digital Signage for Healthcare

Another often-overlooked opportunity is digital signage. Waiting rooms, reception areas and administrative offices can benefit from digital signage that can silently call patients, provide information that’s easy to change and update, and communicate with your staff and patients in an attractive, intelligent and noise-free way.

Smartboards and Healthcare

The ability to have patient information, references, videos and more at your staff’s fingertip means more efficient consultations, faster knowledge transfer and better overall care. Smartboards can be used for activities that span form EMR integration and data retrieval to caregiver tracking and health protocols to locate staff, provide digital reminders and interaction through touch-screens. As importantly, smartboards provide healthcare professionals with the ability to hold virtual meetings at all level of the organization.