Start the New Year Organized

A business should function like a well-oiled machine. When it works it’s great, but when one or more parts aren’t as effective as they should be, the whole machine can suffer as a result. That’s why it’s important to make sure that each efficiency of your business doesn’t turn into inefficiencies and cost your business up to 30 percent of its revenue each year. The best way to combat inefficiencies is to start with the things that can save you the most time and money, your office equipment. Below we share some ways you can energize your business productivity from the ground up, and reach peak performance in 2021.

Business Efficiency Through Postage Meters

A great way businesses can increase their efficiency is by utilizing postage meters. A postage meter can save you time by automatically applying postage to your mail; more advanced models can provide even more automation through automatic feeding, sealing, stamping, and stacking, processing hundreds of letters in an hour. While you’re saving time on preparing mail, postage meters allow you to save in a variety of other ways including:

  • Discounts on First-Class™ letters. You can start saving 5 cents with every letter you mail using an FP Postage Meter. That’s 50¢ for a 1 oz. letter. The savings add up each month.
  • Electronic rate discounts on select eServices™.
  • Access to Commercial Base Pricing for Priority Mail® and Priority Express Mail®.
  • Saving on gas from fewer trips to the post office.
  • Tracking postal expenses. No more lost or missing stamps.

Compared to your current mailing structure, the postage meters we offer allow your business to save time and money, allowing you to focus on running your business. Starting at $12.95 a month, we can provide postage meters for a variety of businesses, no matter the mail volume. We give you the flexibility to choose the product that best fits your needs, and offer postage meters for both lease and rental options. As an added bonus, the postage meters we offer get a 10% discount on all postage purchased through the postage machine from the United States Postal Office.


Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services from Offix are the epitome of business efficiency since they work solely to make your business more efficient. In short, Offix can use a variety of services to help you save time and money on your essential business functions. Through Managed Print Services, we can breakdown how we can help your business in five steps:

  1. Current Cost Report: We provide your business with an overview of the real cost of your entire printer fleet.
  2. Analysis: We assess your current printer fleet and processes and identify any inefficiencies and share opportunities for you to save.
  3. Hardware Improvement: We can identify opportunities for your business to reduce or change any equipment that is inefficient or underutilized.
  4. Software and Process Improvement: After conducting our analysis of your current equipment and processes, our consultants will design software workflows that can reduce costs and maximize efficiencies through a rule-based system that routes jobs to the machine that provides the quickest, most efficient, and least expensive results for each print job.
  5. Continuous Improvement: After we optimize your equipment and processes, we will continue to regularly monitor performance and share our findings with you, providing recommendations for continuous improvement.

By using the above steps, we can continue to help your business efficiency by

  • Consolidating your entire printer fleet under one management system
  • Increasing business productivity
  • Detecting when consumables are low and shipping them directly to your business
  • Provide regular updates on printer usage and costs, with guided recommendations to help you save even more
  • Providing same-day on-site service

In addition to helping your business become more efficient and save time, MPS from Offix can eliminate up to 30% of your total print costs, reduce your environmental impact, and provide you extensive savings on your office equipment. Our proven processes have helped companies of all sizes become more efficient and productive, and we’d like to help yours next. In 2021, let the document professionals identify your true costs and time-wasters with Managed Print Services.


Business Efficiency Through Multifunction Printers

The staple of offices everywhere for the better part of a century has been the photocopier. Over the years, it has been continuously improved and can now do the work of a copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine, providing businesses with much-needed efficiencies.  However, even if your business has a newer multifunction printer, you can still be wasting time and money on your document management solutions.

We offer multifunction printers and copiers from industry-leading brands like Canon and HP that are designed to help your business become more efficient in a variety of ways including:


  • Maximizing Office Space Saved: Whether you’re renting or leasing your office space, more than likely it is costly per square foot. Instead of using floor space for unneeded equipment, Offix can help right-size your equipment and make sure that you get exactly the right equipment for your business; no more wasted office space or poor performance from your equipment.
  • Upgrading When You Need It: The two main reasons people get new print equipment is to replace older, faulty equipment and to combine one or more machines into a single, better machine. It’s best to replace your equipment for either of these reasons, because the longer you hang on to an older machine, the repairs to that machine will be more expensive and more frequent. And having more machines than necessary is always more expensive and less efficient than using an all-in-one. Whether you need to combine one or more machines into a single machine or simply just have an outdated MFP, Offix can help you get a new machine that will end up saving you money over time.
  • Reducing Waste: Having a single multifunction copier means that you will only need to replace one set of copier consumables (toner and paper) while cutting your ongoing costs. Moreover, Offix will automatically detect when you’re running low on consumables like toner, and send more before you need it!
  • Streamlining Your Inventory: Having one vendor to manage you equipment, supplies, and service saves you time from going to different vendors for different equipment. Offix is your one-stop-shop for all your office equipment needs.
  • Reducing Running Costs: Even though a single multifunction printer can save businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars a year, it can be expensive for businesses with basically nonexistent budgets. A way to further reduce the costs of the printers for your business is to adjust print settings to draft, double-sided, and black and white. This will use less energy and toner per page, which can end you up with substantial savings in the long run.

In addition to an all-in-one printer saving you time and money, our copier and multifunction printer service is second to none. We offer same-day service and repair and can guarantee your equipment will have an uptime of at least 95%. We also guarantee an average response time of 2 1/2 hours, ensuring that your business stays up and running, even when your equipment isn’t. On top of our guarantees, we have remote monitoring, which tells us when your consumables need to be replaced and if something may need to be repaired.