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The 2021 Guide to Business Technology Trends

Technology has been a lifesaver for many businesses since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Its role in the business world is increasingly integral to business success. The savvy business owner should keep track of technology trends to identify those that will be of greatest benefit and implement them. So what are some of the current trends?


Customers expect businesses to respond to them quickly. A majority of consumers expect real-time responses when they reach out to a business. This is why, at Offix, we offer features like web-chat communication, available on every page, 24-hour a day contact options, available from the Offix “Contact Us” page,  and our legendary two-hour door-to-door response time for copier repair. If you have customer service representatives manning phones and chats around the clock, that might be possible, but that isn’t the case for many businesses. Using a chatbot can help cover for you outside of business hours. Depending on the complexity of your bot, it may be able to help with basic customer service functions or collect contact information that you can use to follow up the next business day.

Mobile Payments – A Major Business Technology

Contactless payments were slowly becoming more common before the pandemic, but since it started they’ve enjoyed an enormous boost in both popularity and usage. Almost 80% of customers prefer mobile payments. It’s no surprise, considering how much of a focus has been put on social distancing measures and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are all popular mobile payment options. Some contactless payment methods even support the ability to pay by scanning smartwatches. Retailers are getting in on it too by allowing consumers to pay by using apps. For example, consumers with Walmart’s app can use Walmart Pay to scan a QR code to pay for their purchases.

Voice Search Optimization

The easier you make it for consumers to find your business online, the better off your business will be. Voice search optimization is one of the things that can impact where you show up on Google search results and how much consumers interact with your website. Consider that people increasingly rely on smartphones for searches. That means that you can expect to see an increase in voice searches. As you plan your optimization strategy, take into account questions people might look for answers to by using voice search.

Recognizing and implementing technology trends into your business can be a good way to keep your business up to date. Take a closer look at chatbots, mobile payment options, and voice search optimization. These trends can be of great benefit to a business and help it stay relevant and current with the latest technology.

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