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The Benefits of Encouraging Active Employees

It seems no matter where you look online, someone is trying to sell you on corporate wellness. They go on to say that without it, your business will fail and your employees may leave. Sadly, most of these people aren’t wrong. That’s not to say a business will fail but when it comes to employee satisfaction, corporate wellness plays a vital role.

Physically Active Employees Are More Productive

Living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. In addition to the positive physical benefits, employees who are physically active are typically more productive at work. Physical fitness spills over into the workplace, opening the door for happier, more content employees and higher ROI for companies as a whole. Employees are also usually more content at work as well, even when they have a lot on their plates.

Brain Power Boost

Encouraging wellness programs into your company also boosts brain power and creativity. Think about the typical mid-day slump. People who are less active are usually hit the hardest. On the other hand, employees who work out regularly and live a healthy lifestyle are better equipped to power through difficult tasks and may even surpass your expectations. When the body is fit, the mind follows suit.

Fewer Sick Days

Active employees also have fewer sick days than those who exercise less. Regular exercise is a proven immune booster, so it’s your job to find ways to get your staff moving.

You can schedule weekly walks instead of sit-down lunches for meetings, or you can plan in-office exercise hours where fitness instructors come in and teach employees exercises they can perform at their desk.

Setting Things Up

Setting up a wellness program is fairly simple. First, you must decide what kind of wellness program should be incorporated. For example, you can track a step challenge and have employees “race” to win a prize to add a little bit of a competitive spirit to it. If you’re having trouble deciding, ask your employees what kind of physical activities they enjoy.

If you don’t know where to start, you can offer a couple different options. Start with low-intensity corporate fitness days and lunch-time yoga. You can start a step challenge and offer prizes to the employee who takes the most steps throughout the week. Your main focus should be on improving your employees’ physical well-being.

Running a business is far more than crunching numbers and seeing a return on investment. It’s also about your employees, how they feel and how you feel about them. Make their happiness a priority before anything else. You’ll be surprised how many were just waiting for you to do so. Most importantly, be a role model by working on your own fitness and way of thinking.

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