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The Benefits of Postage Meters at Offix


The United States Post Office requires all postage meters to be IMI compliant by 2024. This means that, if your organization operates a non-IMI compliant postage meter, it will no longer function after such date. FP Mailing guarantees IMI compliance: this means that, if you lease or purchase a postage meter today, it will continue to operate after 2024. If your organization uses any other brand, make sure you check for IMI compliance, before renewing or entering a lease that will be in effect in 2024.

If you think that a postage meter is a postage meter, and it doesn’t matter which one you buy, consider a few things… ask yourself how your postage meter provider addresses these issues.

  • NO HIDDEN COSTS: Other companies may tell you that your monthly fee is $13/month, but your actual cost is actually higher; once you add a scale, buy a separate printer (that you will use for nothing else and is not covered by the same warranty or vendor) and purchase thermal labels, you’re spending 50 cents or more, in addition to the cost of the ‘printed stamp’, with every piece of mail you’re sending. Does that sound like a good deal? With an FP postage meter, you don’t need extra hardware, software or unplanned budget!
  • PRODUCT SELECTION: Wide choice of products to fit the needs of small businesses that only send a few letters a week, and large enterprises who mail thousands of pieces of mail and parcel post a day
  • NO PRICE INCREASES: Lock your price for the duration of the contract: no surprises, period. Some companies will provide an introductory pricing that might go up tenfold, after the introductory promotion time has passed!
  • IN-PERSON, LOCAL SUPPORT: We know how important it is to keep your business going, and how frustrating it is to only get phone support, when a person coming to your office might understand and solve the problem in not time; Offix technicians have been providing award-winning, certified support for the past twenty years
  • UNLIMITED TRAINING: Employee turnover is never fun, and it becomes even worse when you have to retrain people; don’t worry: we’re here to pick up the slack, by providing unlimited training to your staff
  • DISCOUNT ON POSTAGE: Automatic discounts through our postage meters: save 5 cents on every 1 oz. letter postage
  • SEPARATE MAINTENANCE AND LEASE COST: We think you should be able to choose who services your equipment; our maintenance contracts are not tied to our lease agreements, so you have the greatest flexibility all the time
  • TRACK AND SAVE: Track postal expenses and shop for best parcel rates through our postage management software (sold separately)

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