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If you think that a postage meter is a postage meter, and it doesn’t matter which one you buy, consider a few things… ask yourself how your postage meter provider addresses these issues.

  • PRODUCT SELECTION: Wide choice of products to fit the needs of small businesses that only send a few letters a week, and large enterprises who mail thousands of pieces of mail and parcel post a day
  • NO PRICE INCREASES: Lock your price for the duration of the contract: no surprises, period. Some companies will provide an introductory pricing that might go up tenfold, after the introductory promotion time has passed!
  • IN-PERSON, LOCAL SUPPORT: We know how important it is to keep your business going, and how frustrating it is to only get phone support, when a person coming to your office might understand and solve the problem in not time; Offix technicians have been providing award-winning, certified support for the past twenty years
  • UNLIMITED TRAINING: Employee turnover is never fun, and it becomes even worse when you have to retrain people; don’t worry: we’re here to pick up the slack, by providing unlimited training to your staff
  • DISCOUNT ON POSTAGE: Automatic discounts through our postage meters: save 5 cents on every 1 oz. letter postage
  • SEPARATE MAINTENANCE AND LEASE COST: We think you should be able to choose who services your equipment; our maintenance contracts are not tied to our lease agreements, so you have the greatest flexibility all the time
  • TRACK AND SAVE: Track postal expenses and shop for best parcel rates through our postage management software (sold separately)

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