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The Ultimate Copy Machine Buyer’s Guide

A step-by-step guide on selecting the perfect photocopier for your business and office

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Learn what to look for, what to ask, and how to negotiate the purchase of your next copy machine

In today’s competitive market, the breadth of technology, pricing, options and brands of copiers can be daunting. This makes deciding on what copy machine to invest in difficult. Ask for too much, and you’ll end up spending for features you don’t need; ask for too little, and you’re stuck owning a photocopier that does not do what you need it to do.

We asked our experts for a list of the things that any business should keep in mind, when deciding what copier they should buy, and have condensed the results in this e-book. Download it before you start your search for a new copy machine, and you’ll be armed with all the knowledge needed to make the right decision for your office and business.

Learn what makes a good photocopier, what to ask your local copy machine dealer before you make a decision, and how to interview their technicians. Find out what features are available and what options you might need. Learn the benefits of leasing vs. buying. Understand how technical service affects your ability to use even the best of copiers. Get the 411 on how to plan to make the best for entire length of your ownership.

Read through this e-book, to make the most informed decision about your new photocopier. You’ll be the office hero!

You’ll learn about:

Available features and their benefit

Copier types and model options

Security and software in copiers

True cost of ownership of a copier

How to interview a copier dealer

Hidden costs and how to avoid them

Ownership options and buyouts

Technical assistance issues and guarantees

Download it now for FREE