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Therefore Information Management Software

Whether your document management needs are to import, integrate, share, store, search and retrieve, or distribute and print, Therefore is an information management software that gives you and your everyone in your organization the opportunity to access and work with needed information quickly and easily.

Therefore allows you to completely rethink how information is managed and shared within your organization. No more missing information. No wasting time looking for documents. Just fast, efficient information flow that gives you a productive business edge.

What is Information Management?

  • Increases employee efficiency and productivity
  • Decreases time spent on demanding tasks and paper intensive processes 
  • Transforms paper-based documents and business processes into electronic records and digital workflows
  • Redirects employees towards strategic and productive work


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Ease of Use

Secure & Safely Store Documents

Increase Productivity Through Optimization

Ease of Use

Access to Information:

On average, it takes employees fifteen minutes to find and retrieve a single document or file, making it difficult to get work done. Therefore offers the digitization of information into a standardized format, making it more accessible and manageable. Therefore software creates a uniform storage system across all users, streamlining access to information throughout the business and improving productivity among employees. 

Easily Capture Information:

Therefore provides a dual solution for paper and electronic document capture and storage. Paper documents are easily scanned into the system through the Therefore Capture Client and the MFP application and can even captured by supported third-party scanning solutions. Electronic documents are also easily brought into the system through dragging and dropping with Windows Explorer, a hot folder, or directly from supported third-party applications.

Dynamic & Customized Technology:

Therefore offers a modern and user-friendly experience, creating an effortless way to store and retrieve documents. The interface Therefore provides can be customized to meet business needs, including the option to display files in a similar, familiar fashion to Windows Explorer. Additionally, the software is scalable, making it simple to transition from a single user environment to an enterprise environment merely by updating the license. 

Increase Productivity

Going Paperless:

Printing related costs can reach one third of total business expenses, consequently creating unnecessary misuses of time and physical space. Organizations can increase the amount of space, time, and money saved by going paperless and filing their documents electronically. Therefore offers the solution to decrease needless costs while also increasing document security and safety, giving employees more control and access of information. Additionally, in reducing the amount of paper and ink spent on printing, an organization also significantly reduces its environmental impact.

Optimize Work Processes:

Therefore Workflow automates routine work  and reduces human error while allowing administrators to gain insight of how processes are run within the company. With Therefore Web Access and Therefore Anywhere documents and workflows can be viewed outside of the office and acted upon, ensuring that the flow of business can continue despite a difference in location.

Secure Access

Secure Storage:

Information is made secure through both primary and backup storage policies and customized permission control. Additionally, information accessibility is effortless through a uniform and reliable archive.

 Access Information Anywhere:

Therefore software allows its users to access workplace documents using a mobile app, web browser, and an offline function.  The Therefore Mobile App is supported through iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems both on phones and tablets. Therefore Web Access gives users complete access to their documents and workflows, enabling them to view, access, edit, and save while using an internet browser. Therefore Anywhere even allows users to take documents offline and edit them, synchronizing them to the server during the next point of internet access.

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