Unlimited IT Support for Copiers and Multifunction Printers


Unlimited IT Support for Copiers and Multifunction Printers

uConnect is the new program from Offix, offering unlimited IT support for your copier or multifunction printer for a single monthly fee.

We know you take care of your copier or multifunction device: you clear paper jams, you make sure preventive maintenance is carried out regularly, and call your technician on the rare occasions when it stops working.

However, sometimes, you need some extra help: changes in network setups, moving the unit to a new location, or integrating new software or hardware in your organization can, sometimes, cause downstream issues.

uConnect Unlimited Copier IT Support

To make matters worse, new integrations, changes in network settings, or reconfiguration needs and problems are often not covered by your standard maintenance agreement, which means that you need help right now but don’t know how much it’s going to cost you, and often occur when you least expect it.

Don’t worry: with a uConnect agreement, Offix has you covered. We will provide unlimited support to resolve software and reconfiguration issues of your copier or multifunction printer.

Device Move? Let Us Reconfigure It

Moving your copier or multifunction printer? Ensuring that it is configured properly and that all network settings are working correctly is vital to business process continuity.

Network Settings Changes? We’ll Take Care of It

Network changes, often made necessary by integrated software or new security protocols within an IT environment, can create downstream issues that could impact your copier or multifunction device. So, next time you get a print error on your computer or a network error message on your device, don’t bog down your IT staff: with uConnect, we’ll take care of everything at no additional charge.

Affordable and Cost-effective

And, at a little more than $1/day per device, uConnect will save you time and money and allow your IT staff to focus on their job.

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