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VoIP Buyback Program

Compared to traditional phone plans, VoIP is hands down the best way for businesses to communicate with their customers. (Trust us, we use it!) Even though VoIP holds many advantages over traditional phone systems, the primary reason for people not switching to or replacing old VoIP systems is the hassle of replacing equipment. To help ease your office’s transition between systems, Offix can offer you a VoIP Buyback Program that will pay for every eligible phone you are replacing.


This program offers new RingByName customers the chance to save even more on top of the savings earned from switching to a VoIP service such as TELEcloud (powered by RingByName). For a limited time only, new customers can trade-in qualifying equipment from several different brands and receive an additional discount on award-winning Yealink phones.

Qualifications for VoIP Buyback

  1. Buy one or more Yealink telephones from Offix by entering into a 36-month non-cancelable leasing or service contract.
  2. Choose the correct qualifying model to be replaced and provide the MAC address.
  3. Ship qualifying models to Yealink for rebate and quality condition verification.
  4. NOTE: To ensure the maximum rebate amount, please make sure to include all accessories, taking care to package trade-in items. If the received condition is not acceptable or found defective, then Yealink bid offer may be revised based on the quality of the returned unit.
  5. Customers must complete and return a rebate form including the required proof of purchase and the shipping of the replaced equipment within 30 days of purchase for new equipment purchases. If the Program process is not completed within 30 days of from the date of purchase the Customer will not be eligible to be paid the Rebate.
  6. Rebate checks made payable to the Customer will be sent within 6-8 weeks after claim is accepted as valid.
  7. There is a minimum of 1 phones per claim. You are encouraged to submit all phones on one claim.

This program is valid from Jan. 1, 2021 through Dec. 31, 2021 in North America. Contact one of our consultants for a free demo of TELEcloud, our VoIP service.

Eligible Displacement Equipment

Qualifying phone models for the VoIP Buyback Program include phone models from AudioCodes, Avaya, Cisco, Grandstream, Mitel, Polycom, and ShoreTel.

*Price is subject to change, final interpretation of condition and value is reserved by RingByName.

ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
400 Series: 405HD$ 5.00
400 Series: 420HD$ 10.00
400 Series: 430HD$ 15.00
400 Series: 440HD$ 15.00
400 Series: 445HD$ 15.00
400 Series: 450HD$ 20.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
9500 Series: 9508$ 2.00
9600 Series: 9608G$ 20.00
9600 Series: 9611G$ 20.00
9600 Series: 9641G$ 5.00
9600 Series: 9641GS$ 40.00
J Series: J129$ 5.00
J Series: J139$ 20.00
J Series: J169$ 30.00
J Series: J179$ 30.00
Conference Phone: B189$ 100.00
Conference Phone: B179$ 20.00
Conference Phone: B169$ 150.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price

8800 Series: CP-8811-K9$ 35.00
8800 Series: CP-8821-K9$ 45.00
8800 Series: CP-8831-K9$ 100.00
8800 Series: CP-8841-K9$ 45.00
8800 Series: CP-8851-K9$ 60.00
8800 Series: CP-8861-K9$ 65.00
8800 Key Expansion Module: CP-BEKEM$ 65.00
7800 Series: CP-7821-K9$ 10.00
7800 Series: CP-7841-K9$ 30.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
GXP 2000 Series: GXP2170$ 30.00
GXP 2000 Series: GXP2135$ 5.00
GXP 2000 Series: GXP2160$ 25.00
GXP 2000 Series: GXP2130v2$ 5.00
GXP 2000 Series: GXP2140$ 15.00
GXP 3000 Series: GXP 3370$ 40.00
GXP 1000 Series: GXP1625$ 2.00
WIFI Phone: WP820$ 10.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
800 Series: 6867i$ 20.00
6800 Series: 6869i$ 25.00
5300 Series: 5320e$ 10.00
5300 Series: 5330e$ 35.00
6900 Series: 6920i$ 25.00
6900 Series: 6930i$ 35.00
6900 Series: 6940i$ 55.00
Conference Phone: UC360$ 125.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
VVX 300 Series: VVX300$ 2.00
VVX 300 Series: VVX301$ 5.00
VVX 300 Series: VVX310$ 5.00
VVX 300 Series: VVX311$ 15.00
VVX 400 Series: VVX400$ 10.00
VVX 400 Series: VVX401$ 20.00
VVX 400 Series: VVX410$ 15.00
VVX 400 Series: VVX411$ 20.00
VVX 500 Series: VVX500$ 20.00
VVX 500 Series: VVX501$ 35.00
VVX 600 Series: VVX600$ 35.00
VVX 600 Series: VVX601$ 60.00
VVX x50 Series: VVX150$ 10.00
VVX x50 Series: VVX250$ 25.00
VVX x50 Series: VVX350$ 45.00
VVX x50 Series: VVX450$ 45.00
Conference Phones: IP5000$ 40.00
Conference Phones: IP6000$ 60.00
Conference Phones: IP7000$ 100.00
Conference Phones: Soundstation 2W$ 125.00
Conference Phones: Trio 8500$ 200.00
Conference Phones: Trio 8800$ 250.00
ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
IP230G$ 10.00
IP480G$ 35.00
IP485G$ 55.00
IP655$ 60.00

The following Yealink models are also eligible for the VoIP Buyback Program:

ManufacturerModelBuyback Price
SIP-T20 Series: SIP-T27G$ 10.00
SIP-T20 Series: SIP-T29G$ 10.00
SIP-T30 Series: SIP-T38G$ 4.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T40P$ 2.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T40G$ 2.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T41P$ 5.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T41S$ 10.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T42G$ 25.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T42S$ 30.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T46G$ 45.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T46S$ 50.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T48G$ 55.00
SIP-T40 Series: SIP-T48S$ 60.00
SIP-T50 Series: SIP-T52S$ 35.00
SIP-T50 Series: SIP-T54S$ 40.00
CP-800 Series Conference Phone: CP860$ 75.00
CP-900 Series Conference Phone: CP920$ 100.00

Contact your local Offix consultant to learn more about the VoIP Buyback Program and how you can save with TELEcloud (powered by RingByName).

Pre-Shipment Checklist

  • Pack with packing material to ensure the displays and faceplates are not damaged
  • Pack in shipping boxes of 10-20 phones per box
  • Palletize any shipment over 100 phones
  • Complete phones should include: bases/stands, handsets, handset cords, and power cords (if applicable)

Post-Shipment Checklist

  • Once the equipment is received, RingByName will inventory the equipment, take pictures of any defects and report findings back to the customer
  • RingByName will have 45 days to inventory, inspect and test the equipment before sending payment