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Upgrade Your Communications With TELEcloud

Take your business to the next level, with a VoIP for business system designed to provide crystal-clear sound, customizations that include custom greeting by name, and integration with systems like Salesforce and even Alexa! 

Offix is the premier Ring By Name VoIP dealer for businesses in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. This means that we offer the most advanced Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems to fit your organization: from small businesses who need to make their one or two-persons teams as efficient as possible, to large enterprises with multiple locations, our VoIP for business solutions will be tailored to your needs. 

According to Statista, over 35 million U.S. businesses chose VoIP for business communication between 2010 and 2018: No matter what your organization’s call volume is, our Ring By Name Voice Over IP solutions offer hardware and software to help you create and develop better business relations, a more effective communication, and higher revenues.

Pick the VOIP phone or conference call option that best fits your needs, or let one of our specialists guide you through the ideal selection for your business.

TELEcloud VoIP for Business Features

CRM Management and VoIP for Business

Integrate your TELEcloud system with a CRM. Track all interactions with customers and prospects, allowing you to enter call details directly in your Salesforce CRM or extracting data during the call. Less steps and activities mean greater sales professional adoption, more efficiency and more revenues.

Virtual Receptionist

With TELEcloud’s Virtual Assistant, you can have your business line managed 24/7, whether someone is at your front desk and switchboard or not. Greet your callers and clients by name, with TELEcloud’s Virtual Assistant.

Business SMS

Do you confirm appointments or send promotional and timely messages? SMS/Text Messaging is an easier, more effective way than any other method. With TELEcloud Business SMS, you don’t need a cell phone to send text messages!

Voicemail to Email

Make your organization even more efficient: deliver your team’s voicemails anytime and anywhere, so they can be heard on any device. Your sales team will thank you!

RingByName Salesforce Plugin

Get even more out of your TELEcloud VoIP system, if you are a Salesforce user. You can receive and make phone calls without leaving your Salesforce screen. Contact your prospects and customers directly through Salesforce. See your contact details pop up on your screen, when you receive a call, and click-to-call for outbound calls.

Amazon Alexa VoIP Skill

Increase your team’s productivity with Alexa hands-free dialing: Turn Amazon Alexa into a hands-free business assistant for even more efficiency!

Why Choose TELEcloud VoIP for Your Business

Why TELEcloud is the Best Cloud-Based Telephone Solution

Whether you’re a business with a single location, an international enterprise, or a non-profit organization, TELEcloud is designed to provide the clearest sound in a simple, easy to use and customizable package; all at a fraction of a price of traditional phone systems. That’s why RingByName is considered the best choice for VoIP in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Reduce communication expenses and problems, with TELEcloud (powered by RingByName). From built-in intelligent routing to customer relations software, TELEcloud helps businesses be more efficient and effective.

In addition to being a crystal-clear, flexible communication solution, VoIP for Business represent a smart financial choice: according to a Gartner study, new technology and other factors will determine a decrease in cost for VoIP users of about 5%.


Get unlimited calls to the US and Canada for one low monthly price. Super low cost international calling too. Hey, call like your business success depends on it because in fact, it does. As a bonus, the money you save goes right to your bottom line. This is a business phone system that pays for itself in dividends.


TELEcloud greets your contacts by name. Once a caller uses TELEcloud VoIP and has been identified, he or she is greeted by name from then on. This personalized attention means more people will choose to stay with your company plus more prospects will choose your business in the first place.


TELEcloud can remember who the caller last spoke with. This seems pretty logical but nobody else does it. We think it’s a powerful way to build relationships, not just take calls. That’s a business phone feature that fosters relationship and business building.


Screen calls by defining them as VIPs, normal callers or even callers you want to block or blacklist. Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals, making you and your staff become more productive every day.

No more guessing who’s calling. You are in full control!


TELEcloud knows your office hours as well as team member availabilities. What a concept, using a phone service to route calls to people when they are there. You’ll never lose a call. And you’ll probably gain a bunch more business while you’re at it. That’s just a no-brainer for all business phone systems, to bad no one else is here to help like we are.


TELEcloud uses RingByName technology to work simultaneously on your landline, mobile device and computer. This helps you stay in touch no matter where you are. In this 24/7 business world, staying in touch means staying ultra-profitable. Accept nothing else from your business phone solution.

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