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What Are Customers Looking for in an Automotive E-Commerce Website?

Many of our customers are automotive companies: car dealers, retailers selling automotive parts, and car service providers. They prefer Offix because they know they can rely on our 7-day a week service and they understand the importance of doing business with a company that boasts the highest level of certification for their tech team since, like many of them, Offix only uses fully-certified technicians. Many of our automotive customers now boast an unparalleled online presence: from booking service to buying parts and accessories, their automotive e-commerce website presence makes their customers’ life easier.

The automotive industry has come a long way in the past decade. Long past are the days where the only way to purchase vehicles, parts, or accessories was through the one shop in town. E-commerce is changing the way the automotive industry is doing business. What is driving e-commerce, and what are people looking for in an automotive e-commerce website? Here are three key components that are crucial for a successful automotive e-commerce website.

Ease of Use

Ease of use and simple navigation are two of the most important components necessary for operating a successful e-commerce website. There’s nothing more frustrating to consumers than not finding the product or service they’re looking for with ease or a simple mouse click. If people have a hard time finding what they’re looking for, they’ll simply give up and go somewhere else. Navigation should be fast, easy, and clear.


If someone is looking for a certain type of product, whether a new car or a windshield, the information about that product should be readily available if it’s a product you sell. An e-commerce website has to be clear and precise about your products, services, locations, and any other important information about your company.

Contact information, locations, and hours of operation should be placed where your customers can easily locate them. Product and other information should be categorized so consumers can find the information with a few simple clicks.

A powerful way to make your website stand out and take your e-commerce to a high, professional level of appearance is to use video. There are numerous benefits of video for your marketing strategy. Video builds trust and adds credibility to your site, especially when you add live chat video and video conferencing. You can also add video clips to your email marketing campaigns, which can generate social shares and boost conversations about your products and services.

Third Party Validation

Not all e-commerce vendors and online stores are trustworthy. In an age of hackers, online scams, and identity theft, consumers want to feel safe and secure when buying online. Validation from third parties means reviews, testimonials, and references from satisfied customers and business associates, which add credibility to your site.

By making the right choices for automotive e-commerce software and web design, you can greatly increase your odds of success and high sales. Creating a competitive and sound website, you set yourself ahead in the highly competitive field of automotive e-commerce.

In addition to a good website, it’s important to have good printed materials. Make sure your vendor is not leaving you stranded, on weekends and after hours. Find out about the Offix Service Smart® Guarantees here!