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Why Choose Dynabook?

Vertical Integration

Dynabook is the only major laptop manufacturer that has a unique design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, providing the only units available from any manufacturer that are 100% built by the actual OEM. Laptops are managed from design through manufacturing by Dynabook-badged employees, resulting in consistent quality control and stable image design. Dynabook has the flexibility and control over virtually the entire supply chain, which translates into greater benefits for customers such as product quality and stability.

Quality, Reliability And Durability

Dynabook introduced an extremely rigorous pre-production testing process for business-class mobile computers that has dramatically lowered annual field failure rates. The highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) durability tests for day-to-day usage. Most of the Dynabook models have also been tested using the MIL-810G methodology for drops, vibration, shock, dust, altitude, high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, humidity and solar radiation testing.


Proprietary BIOS

Dynabook is the only laptop manufacturer that writes its own BIOS. The BIOS is the base firmware that is executed when a PC is turned on and initializes the PC’s hardware components, and loads the OS. The security advantages of writing custom BIOS include enhanced tamper resistance, isolated secure area for data, secure pre-boot TCP/IP communications, optimized system performance and the ability to customize settings and information.

Value-added Customization

Dynabook laptops are engineered with a full range of in-demand features, but every business is different and may need specific PC features. Laptops ome with a Build-to-Order program enables you to get the exact technology you need, without paying for features you don’t need. In addition, we can configure each new PC—without delaying shipment. Configuration Services include:

  • Image Load
  • Asset Tag
  • Customer BIOS Settings

Industry-leading Warranty

Dynabook’s newest warranty, the +Care ServiceSM warranty, is a premier standard warranty designed to keep business moving forward. Offered on select Dynabook-branded laptops, Sharp’s +Care Service warranty is available for three-years on feature configurations and four-years on Build-to-Order models. In addition to multi-year warranties, there is access to Technical Phone Support, Depot Repair, Carry-In, On-Site, and Customer Replaceable Parts. The Dynabook +Care Service warranty helps businesses boost productivity, cut downtime and reduce IT costs.