Wide Format Plotters and Printers

Wide Format Plotters and Printers

Wide format plotters and printers are a necessary tool of the trade, for industries like construction, architectural firms, engineering, and manufacturing.

For organizations where clarity, precision and accuracy are a condition of existence, the ability to rely on your wide format plotter or printer for high-quality and accurate wide format drawings can make the difference between a well-executed project or successful bid, and a difficult hill to climb.

Make sure your wide format plotter choice features all of these qualities:

  • precise lines and line thickness,
  • repeatable and accurate colors and greyscales,
  • a fast setup and production time,
  • affordable cost per square foot printed.

Offix has been specializing on wide format plotters from the day we opened our doors. Let our technical consultants walk you through the incredible features of our Canon and Oce’ line of wide format plotters or show you why KIP wide format plotters are considered the most reliable and efficient plotters on the market.

Choose from our selection of 24”, 36” or wider format. Choose from as host of features, including scanning, folding attachments and more.

Take your organization to the next level of quality and automation, and let us show you how Offix can save you time and money on your next, state-of-the-art wide format printer or plotter.

What is a wide format printer or plotter?

Wide format plotters are highly technological printing devices that reproduce drawings characterized by two primary elements: the size of the drawing produced, and the quality requirements.

Drawings printed on a wide format plotter range between 24 inches (two feet) and 72 inches (six feet).

Additionally, the degree of precision expected from the reproduction. For industries that operate in the engineering, construction or architecture space, line thickness and color variation/greyscales are vital elements. High quality wide format plotters and printers can reproduce these elements precisely, accurately and consistently, square foot after square foot of printed drawings.

What brands of wide format printers do you offer?

Offix is an authorized dealer for KIP, Canon and Océ wide format plotters and printers. We have developed direct and preferential relationships with these manufacturers, which means that:

  • Your organization will received fast-track service;
  • In case of high-demand, Offix will always be able to benefit from priority service;
  • We only service your wide format plotter using OEM and factory-authorized parts;
  • As always, all of our technicians are certified to work on the machine we install within your organization.

How much is a wide format printer?

Pricing for a wide format plotter or printer depends on many factors, including the size of the machine, additional features (like scanning, for example), and the ability to network it with other plotters, devices or machines. Pricing for a new wide format plotters starts around $10,000.

More importantly than the actual cost of the plotter is the total cost of ownership (TOC), which includes the cost of toner or ink, maintenance and other elements, like downtime. Let our technical consultants show you how our wide format plotters and printers stack up against the competition, when it comes to TOC for devices like Canon and KIP.

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